RC Airplane Challenge VR coming to PS4

Now that we have Honor and Duty finished, we’re excited to be moving on to our next game which will be a re-make of one of our first XBLIG games, RC Airplane Challenge.  This re-make will bring updated graphics and gameplay along with a virtual reality experience.

RCAC is a model airplane simulator that lets you fly a variety of model airplanes and supports a number of game modes such as free flight, balloon pop, and bomb drop.  You can fly the planes from a chase cam or from the ground where you have challenges such as controls reversing when the plane is facing you.

The game will be playable with or without the PSVR and the current pricing (subject to Sony approval) will be $3.

The base game is currently playable in both regular and VR modes and we’ll be posting some pics and videos in the coming days.


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