Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition coming to PS4

We’re pleased to announce that Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition is now in production for the PS4 and PC.  An Xbox One version will be released pending approval from the ID@Xbox group.

Honor and Duty, or HAD, will be a cartoony FPS with a WWII feel to it.  The action will be fast and fun similar to what player of Team Fortress are used to.  There will initially be four classes of players including the infantry, medic, heavy, and engineer.

HAD originally debuted on the Xbox 360 Indie games channel as a cartoony avatar shooter.  This will be the re-launch of what will be our main FPS franchise.  We plan for future versions of HAD to become more focused on teamwork with squad commanders, objectives, and team oriented goals.

HAD arcade edition will be focused more on traditional FPS action and will begin that focus on teamwork by allowing the engineer and medic classes to influence gameplay by building structures that help their team.

We are currently looking for players interested in helping with beta testing as well as feedback that will influence the game’s direction.  Please fill out our contact form if you wish to be a part of the beta program and be sure to follow us on twitter for updates.



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